Nicholas “Niko” Amitrano

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“Niko is a great listener. He is thoughtful and is someone that I appreciate bringing tough topics or life circumstances to. I feel like he cares and is always insightful.”  – Andy S.

Clinical Focus:  Adolescents & Adults

Location: Geneva, IL

Clinical Specialties

Anxiety | Borderline Personality Disorder | Death | Dementia/Cognitive Decline | Depression | Grief & Loss | LGBTQ | OCD | Self-Harm | Sex Addiction | Sexuality Issues | Transgender Issues | Trauma

Education & Licenses

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

B.S in Psychological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Message from Nicholas

It can be extremely difficult to live with unresolved pain and trauma from your past. This pain and trauma can affect your outlook on life and take a toll on your relationships with family, friends, and loved ones.

At times, it can create real pain or sickness-like symptoms. It can even influence poor decisions, self-destructive habits, and addictions.

Too often people are left with these symptoms, habits, and addictions—with no idea of how they formed or how they started.

My name is Nicholas Amitrano, but most people call me Niko, and I am a therapist at Cedar Tree Counseling. I believe that you have the power to change and grow, even though you might be carrying these difficulties.

I specialize in helping people notice and acknowledge their experienced pain and trauma, including how it has rattled their lives over the years. My clinical experience includes helping individuals who have experienced varying types of abuse, as well as sexual and military trauma.

Speaking from both clinical and personal experience, I have seen firsthand how fear- and anxiety-provoking counseling can be. It can even be draining, intimidating, or even frightening. However, personal growth often involves a personal willingness to engage with what we find scary or uncomfortable.

That’s why I make a safe space for you to process what has happened before so that you can become healthier now.

Here’s how to get started with counseling at Cedar Tree.

First, click the “schedule appointment” button and fill out the new client intake form on our website.

Second, we will schedule your first appointment where I will work with you to create goals that best suit your needs and desires for the healthy future you want to have.

Third, you will begin to experience growth, clarity, and hope as you work through the pain and trauma of your past.

If you would like to finally experience freedom from your unresolved pain and trauma, and discover healthy ways to cope and grow during that healing process, then schedule an appointment with me today. I can help.

“Niko is an incredible therapist! He is approachable, personable, a great listener, and has a contagious positivity (he is a great light in the darkness!). I have heard numerous times Niko receive praises like, ‘You are so kind, thank you so much for all you have done for me!’ and ‘I don’t know how I would have gotten through this year without you.’ 10/10 would recommend!”

– Jamie M.

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There are a lot of broken families who struggle to do life well together. 

That’s why we help families create an environment where deeper connection & healing can happen.


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