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“After years of crippling anxiety and depression, I finally found ways to cope and relax. Cari helped me discover inner strengths that I never knew I had. I am surprised to find that I am actually enjoying my life.

– School Teacher from Aurora 

Clinical Focus:  Women, Couples, & Families

Location: Geneva, IL & Telehealth

Clinical Specialties

Anxiety | Depression| Couples | Women’s Issues| Family Therapy | Premarital Counseling

Education & Licenses

M.A. in Social Work, Boston University School of Social Work, Boston, MA.

B.A. Sociology, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. 


Online Counseling Certified User

Message to Parents & Families

What can you do when you no longer feel at home in yourself, in your daily living, in your relationships, in your life?

You might feel anxious, sad, or angry too often. Sometimes it’s the big things that throw us off balance – past and present hurts, losses, family conflict, major changes. Other times it is the accumulation of little things and we might not even know why we are overwhelmed or struggling.  

Here’s the good news. Things can be better and you don’t have to go through this alone. I have over thirty years of experience helping women of all ages navigate life and improve relationships.

When you come in by yourself or as a couple, my goal is to make it okay for you to be you. That’s where we start the journey. I want to provide a place where you can learn to breathe deeply and move towards what the author Brené Brown calls “knowing you are worthy of love and belonging.”

Call today and take the first step towards restoring healthy connections and joy in your life. (630) 797-9872 x707

3 Ways to Address Stress In Your Life 

At times the gap seems insurmountable and we do not know how to manage.

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Thanks for all that you did to help me find the courage to take this step and go back to college. Understanding my depression and destructive thought patterns has helped me make better choices. I could not have done it without your support.”

Cedar Tree's Mission: 

There are a lot of broken families who struggle to do life well together. 

That’s why we help families create an environment where deeper connection & healing can happen.


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