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Men And Their Anger

I want to talk briefly about the experience of many men that I see in therapy. Namely, that they often feel that they are only able to access one of two states of being: they can be okay, or they’re angry. Some men will go so far as to say, those are the two emotional...

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Grief Wants to Move

Grief wants to move. Did you know that? Grief has this course that can’t really be anticipated or predicted, except that it desires to take you on a journey; to move you. So many of the clients we see in counseling are suffering from what we call unresolved grief, and...

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Facing Your Fears [video]

I provide a safe environment for pre-teens and teenagers to process life’s twists and turns so that they can remain resilient and thrive.  I work with parents and their children to create a plan to answer the big life questions, to heal broken relationships, and...

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To heal broken relationships, nourish deep connections, and cultivate family legacies rooted in grace.


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