Melissa Ludzack Nicholson

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“Melissa gave me the safe environment I needed to let out my anger and fear.” 

– Client

Clinical Focus: Couples, Women, Adolescent Therapist

Location: Hinsdale, IL & Telehealth

Clinical Specialties

Anxiety | Depression | Trauma | Sexual Abuse | Spiritual Abuse | Mindfulness | Internal Family Systems | Couples | Premarital Counseling | Women | Adolescents | EMDR

Education & Licenses

B.A. in Pre-Counseling, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL. 

M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL. 

Marriage & Family Therapist 

EMDR Trained 

Certified in Narrative Focused Trauma Care, Level I 


Message from Melissa

One of my all-time favorite statements is: “perhaps today.”  It’s the opportunity to maneuver into something new or unexpected in our everyday lives. We want to feel confident in ourselves and in our relationships to maneuver freely, but instead we often feel anxious and frustrated because we don’t know how to navigate the tension we feel in the mundane or stress of today. 

I believe that you can be free from the circumstances that are holding you back; whether that’s the anxiety that leaves you frozen, the anger that can cause you to react to others, or possibly the depression that makes you withdraw and isolate from the ones you love. 

I’m Melissa, and I’ve helped hundreds of individuals, teenagers, and couples confidently work through issues that are entangling and preventing them from experiencing the freedom they desire. 

When I first begin with clients, I listen to their story and learn what’s holding them back, unraveling the ambivalence they experience. Then, I work with them to create a plan based on the areas they desire to grow. After that, we get to work, and along the way, I assist in equipping them with the tools necessary to gain the confidence to be their true self. 

So, if you want to stop feeling stuck and, instead, live a life of freedom: free to be yourself and free to be yourself with others, then perhaps today is the day to schedule an appointment. 

I look forward to working with you. 

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“Melissa helped us find new ways to listen and respond to one another.” 

– Chicago Couple

Cedar Tree's Mission: 

There are a lot of broken families who struggle to do life well together. 

That’s why we help families create an environment where deeper connection & healing can happen.


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