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“I used to feel like a mess and was falling apart. I’m so glad you understand what it’s like living overseas because that made your guidance all the more effective for me.”

– Missionary in India 

Clinical Focus: Individuals & Couples

Location: Geneva, IL & Telehealth

Clinical Specialties

Women’s Issues | Couples | Memory Care for Individuals & Families | Missionary Care & Counseling | Trauma | Geriatrics

Education & Licenses

B.S. in Elementary Education, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC.

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL.


Certified Prepare/Enrich Counselor

Certified in Spiritual Direction from Christos, St. Paul, MN

Message to Parents & Families

The demands you face as a woman are enormous. Demands from your partner, your family, your friends, and always from yourself. You feel pulled to the point that you hardly know who you are anymore.

You end up feeling confused, angry, depressed and hurting.

Where can you find refuge in order to sort things out, to make sense of your life and your relationships? You need a safe place that restores strength and hope and meaning to you. A place that helps you discover your true self.

I can be that place for you. A place of greater freedom, trust, and openness. I will help you learn how to make the changes you long for. Changes that empower you to be whole

Together, we will recognize and breathe new life into the capable woman that you are.

Give me a call today. I look forward to working with you.

Call me for a free consultation by phone. (630) 797-9872 Ext. x705

“I would have given up and gone downhill so fast if it hadn’t been for your consistent and very helpful work with me. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you.“

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Cedar Tree's Mission: 

There are a lot of broken families who struggle to do life well together. 

That’s why we help families create an environment where deeper connection & healing can happen.


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