What you value matters. Values provide us with clarity and focus when we go about making decisions on a day to day basis.

I find however that when one is asked about their values, many cannot articulate what they find to be most important in life or even what would be classified as a “value”. 

Values can be as simple as “I think it’s important to be a healthy person” or can be as loaded as “I believe I should be altruistic.”  You can see how both of these statements would guide an individual to making certain decisions on a day to day basis.

One might buy certain foods or follow an exercise regimen if they found health to be an essential aspect of who they are.  

If altruism was at the center of a person’s identity they might find fulfillment on a day to day basis by volunteering at an animal shelter. 

I encourage you to take some time to list out what you value most in life.  

Limit yourself to your top 5 values and write them down.  Afterwards, take a look at those values and ask yourself what you are doing on a daily basis that aligns with those values.  Are you engaging in life in a way that fulfills what you value most?

Richard Keezer

Richard Keezer

Adolescent | MA, LPC

I provide a safe environment for pre-teens and teenagers to process life’s twists and turns so that they can remain resilient and thrive.  I work with parents and their children to heal broken relationships and nourish deep connections.

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