The stress of being a young family with young kids can wreak havoc on the young couple’s marriage. Their pressures of work and relationships are intensified when they have young children and can weaken their bond and partnership.   

I’m Bree Minger and in this video I’ll discuss three common difficult transitions that young families face.


1. New Parents Tend to Have Difficulties Adjusting Their Expectations While Parenting Young Children


It is much healthier for new parents to realize that this new stage of life is going to bring new stresses and challenges. Understanding this reality allows new parents to normalize their stress and makes it more manageable, which creates more of a team or partnership between you and your partner. 


2. Young Families Have to Navigate Role Changes


Changes such as balancing work and childcare can lead to confusion and distress between partners. It is critical for new parents to determine how they will divide childcare and housework on top of their careers. 

Parenting requires sacrifices from both partners and for each partner to understand how the other is contributing.  

What many couples experience, however, is they often bring their own set of expectations of what roles should look like without discussing it first.  This typically leads to a lot of frustration and could lead to bitterness and resentment if not addressed. 


3. Couples with Young Children Have Less Time


Less time for yourself, less time for intimacy with your partner, and less time for just plain fun. 

This phase of life is filled with tasks and duties for new and young parents. In between the dishwashing, yardwork, laundry, and giving the kids a bath, it is important for partners to spend time with each other. Having a date night or scheduled times to connect as a couple is crucial to balance this busy season and continue to deepen your relationship with each other. 


If you find yourself struggling with navigating expectations, role changes, or creating space for you to be on the same team as a couple, reach out to us at Cedar Tree and schedule an appointment today.

Bree Minger

Bree Minger

Children, Teens, & Couples

I believe your family has the strength to try something unlike any other solution they have attempted before. My focus is working with young families and adolescents. I help them work through the hard season of life of parenting stress, life transitions, and adolescent concerns.

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