As couples, we often get so caught up in our daily routines that we neglect to prioritize our relationships and nurture them to their fullest potential. While honesty, communication, and trust are fundamental pillars for a strong marital bond, it is essential that couples look beyond these essential elements and stir up their creative juices together.

I’m Chase Manke, a marriage and family therapist at Cedar Tree Counseling. In this article, I will discuss how creativity can bring astonishing benefits to your marriage and provide 4 practical tips to reignite the spark in your marriage.


1. Explore New Ways of Being with Each Other


When you and your partner try new things, you create unique memories. Even as time passes, the words “I love you” can become a little tiring.

That’s why exploring new ways to express love and show appreciation to each other will be a key part of your marriage’s long-lasting well-being.

Some “I love you” alternatives to try:

  • “I cherish our friendship”
  • “I appreciate your laugh”
  • “I am grateful for your kindness”


And, it’s no secret that passion enjoys a change of scenery. Couples need to remain creative and imaginative to keep the spark alive between them.

Having a tech-free date night or just taking a drive or exploring a new neighborhood can help you maintain your connection and intimacy. Getting out of your comfort zone and embracing new challenges together can add more excitement to your marriage.


2. Strengthen Your Bond Through Teamwork


Focus on finding shared interests and how to make your relationship a place of teamwork and collaboration.

Some of the creative projects you can take up include:


Find a common hobby or interest

It’s exciting for couples to explore new hobbies and interests together. If your partner has a current interest, consider learning more about it, or take up a new venture together.

Suppose you’re both unsure where to start, take an online class to learn cooking or gardening, or the two of you could sign up for a dance class.


Tackle a home project together

Are there any home improvement projects you’ve been itching to begin? Joint efforts like painting the house, revamping a room, or gardening can make for an exciting way to strengthen your passion and make your space more reflective of who you are as a couple.


Cook up a new recipe

Cooking up a new recipe can be a fun way to bond. You could make homemade pizza together or even try food from other cultures that you haven’t had before.

Sharing new dishes can provide for fun-filled culinary moments and sharing after.


3. Embrace Individuality


Every individual has attributes and habits that uniquely define them. Rather than trying to change them, celebrate the differences. Promote individuality within your marriage.

Here are some tips on how to do so:


Support each other’s passions and goals

Encourage each other to grow and pursue personal goals and passions. Be their cheerleader and lend them a helping hand whenever possible. Learn from each other’s hobbies and interests and wherever possible, help them achieve new milestones together.


Embrace each other’s differences

Some of the most successful marriages have differences that complement each other. Embrace each other’s unique perspectives, backgrounds, and interests by deliberately making time to learn what’s important to your partner and integrate this into your union as a source of strength.


Celebrate milestones and accomplishments

Make it a tradition to celebrate together your other half’s achievements, whether it’s a significant or small triumph. Most times, these moments add to your memories, and these traditions mark the contribution of both parties to each other’s current successes.


4. Make Time For Each Other


Try to set aside one conversation a day about your relationship, one date a week just the two of you, and one trip a year.

Here are some additional ideas to try:


Make time for fun experiences

It’s easy to get so caught up with the immediate demands of everyday life that you forget to take the time to enjoy. Make weekly dates to try new things and experience new places together.

This could be as simple as going on a picnic to try out new cuisine, camping to enjoy serene starry nights or participating in a group exercise class.


Embrace challenges together

Life will undoubtedly throw curveballs your way. But facing these adversities together will help to bring your marriage even closer. Take up a new challenge you both have never done such as kayaking or learning a new language and achieve milestones together.


Making time for your marriage can help reignite the spark and bond you and your partner. By trying new things, finding a common hobby, carving out time to be together, and cherishing individual expressions of love, you can amplify your passion and maintain a long-lasting bond that nurtures a lifetime of growth.

Start with one idea at a time and see how it enhances your marriage and connection. And if you need additional support fostering a deeper connection in your marriage, schedule an appointment today.

Chase Manke

Chase Manke

Couples, Adolescents, & Young Adults

When I work with clients, I help them explore their most impactful relationships and provide them with tools to try out new ways of relating that foster confidence, healthy connection with others and self-awareness.

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