Pornography and the tactics used to maintain it’s use, can wreak havoc on our loved ones.

Maybe you found out years ago or you just discovered that your spouse has been looking at pornography. Perhaps it was a complete shock to see images of other women on his computer or phone.

If this is you, you may be feeling betrayed, angry, sad, or lost because you don’t feel special anymore. You wonder why he didn’t tell you, why he did this, or why you aren’t enough?

Your spouses pornography use has become your burden too. Maybe you struggle daily with feelings of insecurity (who can compete with a fantasy?). Maybe you struggle with anger that the memories you cherished seem tainted, or maybe you feel manipulated by the deceit of their pornography use. Sometimes it feels like it’s just too much.

I want you to know that there is hope for you and your marriage. With support, I believe you CAN rebuild your marriage.

Together, you can work through this and I can help the process by creating a place to explore the honest emotions you both are feeling, make a plan to rebuild trust between the two of you, and keep healthy communication alive.

I believe your marriage CAN heal from the shock, betrayal, and loss pornography brings to the marriage. I specialize in helping women work through these feelings and ,as a couple, begin to restore a new sense of purpose and wholeness.

If this is you, and you need extra support during this time, reach out and schedule an appointment today.

Kristen Conley

Kristen Conley

Couples & Women's Counselor

We all want connection with the people in our lives. Whether you are an adolescent, mother, or couple you know that this isn’t always easy. I understand how difficult it can be to connect with our loved ones, which is why I believe counseling can restore trust, so healing can begin. 

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