Many people have experienced emotional trauma and they don’t realize it. 

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Many of us have heard about PTSD, and we may associate it with war veterans who have returned from the battle field.  

Did you know that anyone can experience PTSD, whether you have been involved in a violent war or not?  You can develop PTSD if:

  • You have experienced a traumatic event, such as a near-death experience, severe injury, or sexual assault
  • You have witnessed something tragic happen to someone else, or if you have heard about a traumatic event happening to a loved one  
  • Or, if you regularly take care of people who experience trauma


How do you know if you have PTSD?  Some symptoms include:

  • Distressing and intrusive memories or nightmares that are related to the event.  
  • You may have flashbacks or strong reactions to things or events that remind you of the trauma.  
  • You may try to avoid reminders of the event.  
  • You may experience mood changes or changes in the way you think about yourself and the world.  

These are only a few of the symptoms of PTSD.  It can be very debilitating and cause significant ongoing distress for trauma survivors.  The good news is that PTSD has been well-researched and there are many effective treatments that have helped people process their trauma, reconnect with themselves, and regain their sense of peace, purpose, and hope for the future. 

If you or a loved one have experienced symptoms of PTSD, give me a call.  I have seen my clients experience profound change and lasting growth after working through their traumatic experiences.


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