When it comes to sex addiction, there is often the question of whether excessive sexual practices are considered addictive behavior. Addiction isn’t based on how often behavior occurs. It centers on a person’s inability to control their behavior, especially if it is impacting their life in negative ways.

The word “addiction” is also comparable to the word “compulsive,” meaning addictions involve urges that are difficult to manage. This compulsive experience is common with sex and many people experience it without knowing.

Today, I will review three signs that you are experiencing sex addiction.


1. Finding It Hard to Cut Back on Sexual Behaviors


The first sign of sex addiction is finding it hard to cut back on sexual behaviors, especially when you know that your sexual behaviors are a problem.

Finding it difficult to go a couple days or a week without performing certain sexual practices can also signal the presence of addiction.


2. Prioritizing Sexual Gratification


The second sign of sex addiction is when you prioritize sexual gratification over other areas of your life. People experiencing sex addiction tend to dedicate large portions of time toward sexual behaviors, and this “chase” for sexual pleasure causes many of them to fall behind in work, school, or close relationships.

For example, this sign can manifest as consistently canceling plans to meet up with sexual partners or being unable to fulfill responsibilities because of taking excessive time to watch pornography.


3. Performing Risky & Inappropriate Behaviors


The third sign of sex addiction is the performance of risky and inappropriate behaviors. Oftentimes, “safe” behaviors don’t obtain the same level of excitement they achieved at the beginning, and so the addiction demands a more powerful–oftentimes risky or socially inappropriate–behavior to satisfy its needs.

Common examples include:

  • Touching yourself in public
  • Masturbating in public places
  • Openly flirting with other people when it is clear they are not interested
  • Inappropriately touching others, or
  • Taking pictures of other people without their permission for the purpose of sexual pleasure


There are multiple sources of support for those experiencing sex addiction. For example, there are 12-step programs such as Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous that offer a guided approach in finding healing and freedom from your addiction.

You can also enlist the help of your friends by asking them to become accountability partners and by co-joining accountability websites such as Accountable2You and CovenantEyes.

You can also set up an appointment with me and together we can create goals that best suit your needs and desires for the healthy future you want to have.

If you believe that you are suffering from sex addiction, it is never too late to seek help and counseling. I believe that you have the power to change and grow, so sign up for an appointment with me today.

Nicholas Amitrano

Nicholas Amitrano

Adolescents and Adults

I have seen firsthand how fear- and anxiety-provoking counseling can be. That’s why I make a safe space for you to process what has happened before so that you can become healthier now.

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