I don’t know anyone who doesn’t wish that they could slow down the pace of their life. Most of us are living at a pace that is more frenetic and insane than we would like.

All too often the speed at which we live prevents us from taking care of ourselves in the ways that would like to.

For that reason Cedar Tree Counseling is offering the option of online counseling for residents of Illinois, as well as expats and missionaries abroad.

We provide a safe and secure virtual space where you can do the therapeutic work you need to do from the comfort of your own home, or whatever quiet place you choose.

Don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from getting the mental health care that you need. Check us out at https://cedartreecounseling.com/online-counseling/ and discover how online counseling can work in your life.

Matthew Hanlon

Matthew Hanlon

Men & Couples Therapist | MA, LMFT

I help men and their families, who are hurting, angry, and struggling to find their way through life’s challenges, to create real and lasting change.

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Cedar Tree's Mission: 

There are a lot of broken families who struggle to do life well together. 

That’s why we help families create an environment where deeper connection & healing can happen.


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