If you’ve just had a baby, then I’d like to congratulate you! But maybe you don’t feel so happy about it now. Or maybe you wonder why you’re not enjoying the little one as much as you think you should or wish you would.

Having a baby is never easy. It’s not called labor for nothing! But even after the baby has arrived, everything changes. Not just with your body, but with your emotions.

It’s natural to feel some “baby blues” shortly after your baby is born, but if some of those feelings persist, and even become more intense, it’s possible that you may be experiencing what’s known as Postpartum Depression.
That may sound a bit scary. Let me assure you that you can absolutely find help and treatment for what you’re going through.

So how do you know if you actually have Postpartum Depression? Ask yourself these questions —

1. Am I in a depressed mood most of the time or have severe mood swings?

2. Do I cry a lot and about normally insignificant things?

3. Am I having a lot of anxiety and/or panic attacks?

4. Do I feel like I’m having trouble bonding with my baby?

5. Do I have a strong fear that I’m not a good mother?

6. Have I had thoughts of hurting myself or my baby?

7. Have I been withdrawing from being together with family and friends?

8. Have I lost my appetite or have I been eating way more than usual?

9. Do I wake up a lot during the night or find myself sleeping too much during the day?

10. Do I feel overwhelmingly tired and have little to no energy?

11. Do I get intensely irritable and angry over little things?

12. Am I having trouble focusing, thinking clearly, and even making decisions?

If you answered YES to five or more of these symptoms, chances are you may be experiencing some Post-Partum Depression. Even if you had a baby as much as 6 months ago, the symptoms can show up as late as that.

There is hope and help for you. Don’t let yourself remain stuck. We are here to help.

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Deb Foshager

Deb Foshager

Womens & Missionary Therapist | MA, LCPC

I help women who feel angry, anxious, confused, disillusioned and depressed. Together we can find strength, clarity, hope, and courage to make life purposeful and gratifying.

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