We have no idea what the real enemy is in our relationships and therefore we’re not sure where to even start.

When a couple enters marriage counseling it is often a last resort. You have tried everything else that you can think of. And “if counseling can’t ‘fix’ this then there’s no hope.”

My name is Steve Howell, a therapist at Cedar Tree Counseling, and I have found that one of the first problems to tackle in couples counseling is the issue of couples not hearing what the other is saying, truly saying.

We typically hear what we’re expecting to hear. To make it even more difficult, we don’t realize that we utilize past wounds and negative relational experiences as the lens that we see the current relationship through.

Most of us like to think that we listen and understand our partner just fine but, taking into account these various perspectives, I’d have to say that in actuality we often are not. How can any real progress occur under these circumstances?

Working with a professional counselor can help your relationship work through the roadblocks that are preventing you from truly being heard by each other. Addressing these problems can open up new levels of intimacy and trust in your relationship.

In my extensive work with couples, I’ve seen it happen. I know it can be done.

Don’t make marriage counseling a last resort. Call me today and let’s get to work.


Steve Howell

Steve Howell

Mens, Couples & Adolescent Therapist

I help men and couples pick up the pieces of their life by providing a safe space to navigate the best way forward.

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