Have you experienced a lurking feeling of regret, depression, or anxiety and you just want it to go away? In my experience as a therapist, many people try to repress emotions because they do not want to feel them.

This causes the emotions to grow and become overwhelming.

It’s natural to want these emotions to go away. However, accepting that these uncomfortable feelings are a part of you is the first step to healing.

To help make sense of what you might be experiencing, start by getting to know the emotions you do not want. Ask yourself these five questions:

  • What emotion am I primarily experiencing at this moment?
  • What is happening in my body when I feel this emotion?
  • How long have I been feeling this way?
  • When have I experienced an emotion like this before?
  • How do I feel about having this emotion?

Reflecting on these questions begins the process of accepting the emotions you do not want to have. This provides space to understand rejected emotions. Understanding ourselves better gives us a clearer picture of how to heal.


If you want an opportunity to explore and understand these unwanted emotions so that you can have more peace of mind, schedule an appointment today.

Rob Agnew

Rob Agnew

Adolescents, Individuals, & Couples

When I work with couples, adults, and teenagers, I create a place that’s safe for being vulnerable at your own pace. Together, we explore your emotions and dive deeper into understanding your story which give us clues about healing and how to meaningfully move forward.

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